Book your Rage Room

1. Choose individual or group booking

If you are booking for just yourself or want each person to have their own room choose “Individual Booking” if you want to all be in the same room choose “Group Booking”.

*Each room can only hold 4 people per session, so if you are a group of 5 you’ll need to split to 3 people in one room and 2 person in the other room.

2. Choose how many your booking

If you are choosing individual booking select “Adult” or “Kid” booking. If you are choosing a group booking select what combination of Adults and Kids per room.

*You’ll be able to add more groups at checkout.

3. Choose your Room

We have 2 rooms to choose from. If you have a bigger group and you all want to smash at the same time, you’ll need to book multiple rooms at once. (due to only 4 people per room, per session.)

4. Select a date and time

Sessions are 30 mins with a 10 min clean up after. If you’d like a longer time you can book 2 back to back times for in a room. (We’ll even give you the bonus 10 mins in between sessions!)

we'll see you soon!

We take care of the rest when you get here. Please try to arrive 15mins before your scheduled time to allow for final prep work before your smash begins!

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