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Sign up for a rage room party in Minot, ND

Sign up for a rage room party in Minot, ND

You and your friends have visited all the basic hot spots - the arcades, the breweries, the movies. But now it's time for something a little more exciting. If you're interested in getting a group together for a rage room party in Minot, ND, stop by Rage Room Let's Destroy It. We have everything you'll need to smash and bash glass, furniture and electronics safely.

Whether you're interested in signing up for a rage room birthday party or bachelor party, we've got you covered. Call 701-340-7866 now to request information about available event timeslots.

Don't settle for a basic party

In addition to hosting rage room birthday parties, we're also proud to set up a rage room for a wide range of other events. Stop by our room to:

  • Celebrate finalizing your divorce or enjoy your bachelor party
  • Connect with a member of your unit during a military reunion
  • Blow off some steam during college finals week or after company layoffs

Pick up a baseball bat, golf club, pipe wrench, hockey stick, hammer or cast-iron frying pan and have a great time with your friends and family today. Contact us today to make an appointment for your rage room party.